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ESYswAt Simple Wishes we understand that every woman’s path to motherhood is different. Usually the first decision you will make as a mom is how to feed your child. We want to congratulate you for choosing to share the advantages of breastfeeding with your little one.
Breastfeeding provides mothers and their babies with a healthy start and lays a healthy foundation for future eating. The experience of breastfeeding is special for so many reasons, the cost savings, the bonding with your baby, and the health benefits for both mother and baby.
We have partnered with Alice Waters and the Edible Schoolyard Project on this book of Baby’s First Foods, seasonal recipes you can use to provide delicious, healthy food for your baby.
The Edible Schoolyard Project prepares school-age children for the challenges of hunger, the health crisis, and environmental sustainability. We support Alice Waters and the Edible Schoolyard Project in their efforts to teach the essential values of stewardship, nourishment, and communication.
Make a $5.00 donation to the Edible Schoolyard Project and receive 50% off your Simple Wishes purchase.

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