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Hands Free Pumping Bustier by SIMPLE WISHES http://simplewishes.com/press-release/hands-free-pumping-bustier-by-simple-wishes.html http://simplewishes.com/press-release/hands-free-pumping-bustier-by-simple-wishes.html Stylish and functional, and grounded in innovative, thoughtful design, the Bustier is an affordable and quality alternative to the fussy and unflattering hands free alternatives on the market.

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Introducing the Simple, Yet Stylish Solution to Hands Free Pumping
San Francisco, CA. (March 2009) -- From the day her child is born, a mom works hard to make sure all of her baby's wishes come true. But what about a mom's simple wishes for herself? For every mother who has ever wished she could be in two places at once, that she had an extra set of hands, or just that she could manage her hectic schedule and still find time for herself, Simple Wishes is the simple solution she's been waiting for.

The brainchild of four sisters with one vision, Simple Wishes Bustier offers a hands-free way to pump -- allowing multi-tasking moms the chance to be more productive while they pump. Grounded in innovative, thoughtful design, the Simple Wishes Hands-Free Bustier is an affordable and quality alternative to the fussy and unflattering nursing-intimates already on the market. Either saving the on-the-go mom's much-needed time, providing a break from holding a breast pump, or allowing time for one's self or for nurturing a newborn, Simple Wishes has developed the answer for the mom who is not one to sacrifice style for function.

Beyond comfort and convenience, is a focus on fit and fashion that makes Simple Wishes soar above the competition. Designed as a bustier with adjustable straps providing the option to wear it many different ways ensuring a flattering fit no matter how full a woman is at the time. And while luxury lingerie may not be an option during those nursing days, the stylish sisters behind Simple Wishes wanted women to feel as pretty as possible while pumping. Hence, aesthetically pleasing materials and cuts were incorporated into the Simple Wishes Bustier.

Environmentally conscious packaging and a commitment to charitable organizations are the icing on the cake for this “you can do it all” new mommy must-have. Because while Simple Wishes may simplify a woman's life, there's nothing simple about the attention to detail that went into this design.

With years of combined experience at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy behind them, sisters Debra, Lydia, Joy and Keren were seamlessly suited to create and produce this professional-mother-friendly product. And now, with the launch of Simple Wishes, each sister has brought out her unique strength in the areas of apparel production, operations, web design and sales to make this family business thrive.

“Simple Wishes is just a continuation of this life-long trend of sharing experiences together,” said Lydia.

So whether a woman wants to read a paper to catch up on current events, put the finishing touches on a big presentation, or simply sip a cup of tea while visiting with her sisters, Simple Wishes is the pumping solution that nurtures her needs.

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