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Milkbank3“I started to pump exclusively because my daughter would not latch, and I even had a meeting with a lactation consultant but that still did not help. I had decided even if my daughter didn’t latch I was still going to give her breast milk. And that started my pumping journey – I was pumping around the clock to keep up with the needs of my daughter. At first it wasn’t bad, I would sit down and pump while holding the breast pump flanges to my breasts. I was not able to do anything because if I moved the flanges would adjust just a little bit and I would lose suction and milk would spill out. Overtime it became harder to pump because I knew for that period of time I would not be able to do anything else but pump. I went to a local breastfeeding group and won a door prize, and wouldn’t you know it it was a Simple Wishes Hands Free Bra. I was excited and skeptical because I had tried other hands free bras in the past and, because of my large breasts, they did not fit. I figured there was nothing to lose and I would give this new bra a try. I went home and tried it immediately. Much to my surprise it fit! I couldn’t believe it and the next step was to see how it felt to pump in it. I pumped for the first time with it on and I fell in love with it, I felt like a gained a sense of independence from my breast pump and was no longer immobilized while pumping. Along with that independence I was able to pump until I was empty. I started to fill the receiving bottles up more and more; next thing I knew I was pumping anywhere from 36 fl. oz. to 20 fl. oz. a pump session. My goal was to always give my daughter fresh milk, so I would make a bottle with the milk just pumped and the rest would go into the freezer. Before I knew it I had quite a milk supply saved up. I thought to myself there is no way we are going to use all this so why not donate it to The King’s Daughters (local) Milk Bank? My family and I made our first donation and there was no looking back. Over the course of the first year of my daughter’s life we donated a total of 10,882 fl. oz. of breast milk. The breast milk that we donated goes to the hospital’s sickest, most fragile patients. One ounce of breast milk will give four treatments to medical fragile infants and two ounces of breast milk can feed a medical fragile infant for a day. All together I was able to donate 43,548 lifesaving treatments to medically fragile infants. Without the use of my Simple Wishes Bra I never would have been able to do that, let alone pump for 14 months and 10 days for my daughter. Even though I am done pumping using the Simple Wishes Bra allowed me to also build a supply for my daughter, who at 17 months, is still receiving breast milk. I love this product and have given it as gifts to many of my friends.”

KRISTINE H., San Francisco, CA

“Love this handsfree pumping bra. I’ve been using another brand’s product for about three months and it’s good, but the lack of adjustability is kind of a problem on that one. Tthe holes are kinda big and stretchy and I always worry that breastshields will pop out. This, dare I say, cute pumping bra is infinitely adjustable, which is good because my body’s still morphing 4 months after birth. And the part for the breastshields to fit through on the simple wishes bra definitely keeps the collection parts way more secure. One less worry about spilling, especially when using the storage bags which scarily dangle from the connector (as opposed to the screw on collection bottles).

Really good price considering the product design and quality. Surprised by comfy-ness of fabric. Oh and the packaging is awesome. Not embarrassing at all. Cute enough and a nice price point to consider giving as a gift to a new mom. Handsfree double pumping is great for me and this bra is a good accompaniment to my medela pump in style which doesn’t have a handsfree option, like the freestyle. Almost forgot: the instructions are very thoughtful and clear, which is huge considering the generally abysmal nature of instructions for baby related gear.”

REBECCA K., San Francisco, CA

“The Simple Wishes Bustier has saved me so much time and energy, My baby was 7 weeks early. I also developed carpal tunnel and holding the cone in place was difficult at times I used no pumping bra for 8 weeks. Then I came across the simple wishes pumping bra.

I have been a mega producer since my milk came in (60-70oz daily) so needless to say pumping at times can take a little longer. Being able to use both my hands while pumping is wonderful. I am able to hold my baby girl as well and for me since I also work full time being able to hold my baby and pump when I get home and in turn it saves time. I just wish I would have had this sooner.

I have also used other pumping bras and there quality does not even compare. The material is super soft and the bra is comfortable. The velcro on the back can get a little scratchy if not lined up just right but overall is a great bra and I will get another if it is needed. Thank you simple wishes for a great bra!!”

ARLENE O., Cambridge, MA

“It is really wonderful to now be able to pump hands free in comfort! I love the stylish bra. With the custom fit velcro adjustment panel I have been able to adjust it so if feels just right to me. It is so comfortable that I wear it all day while at work and this makes pumping breaks while at work much faster (no time spent getting another bra on/off during breaks). I can also email or read now during my pumping breaks which helps use my work time efficiently. Thank you again for making my transition back to work so much easier. I look forward to continuing to be able to feed my baby breat milk for many more months with the help of this bra and being able to pump in comfort while at work.”

LYN E., Boulder, CO

“I have a four month old baby boy, and I am at the height of breastfeeding demand from my son. I recently travelled to the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas without my little boy and spent a week away from him. As heart-wrenching as that was, I tried to keep my milk production up while away, by pumping every few hours. I had never pumped so much! The Simple Wishes Hands Free Bustier helped my milk let down, because I was able to sit in the rocking chair and just relax and think about my son without fussing with the pump. I actually pumped more ounces when I used the bustier. It positioned the cups in just the right spot, and was truly hands-free! This product is a must- have for any woman who is pumping every day!”


“Due to latch issues i have to pump exclusively. A very time consuming and uncomfortable process. Once I found this bra i fell in love. I’m of a large build in the chest so most hands free bras were pretty useless. This bra was so amazing that I bought a back up. They take a while to hang dry after washing and I didn’t want to be without! One of the bras started to come apart and after emailing the company they replaced the bra at no charge. All in all, i hope these bras allow me to provide my little one with breast milk for one year and i think the customer service is top notch! Thank you for a fab product!.”

IRINA R., Sacramento, CA

“Great, innovative product. This hands free pumping bra is superior to the other pumping bras I have tried previously. First, this product is made of quality material which feels great against the skin. Second, I can move around while pumping and no leaks at all. Third, great costumer service (reply back via e-mail within minutes). Overall, I am very satisfied costumer.”

KERRI O., Ballard, WA

“Simple Wishes Hands Free Bustier – offers the pumping solution! If you are anything like me, I am a multi-tasker. When I was regularly pumping for my son, I tried all sorts of rigging with my nursing bras, pumps and rubber bands so I could pump and work at my computer at the same time. No such luck! You can imagine my excitement when I saw the Simple Wishes Bustier! Unlike the competion (because I know there are other “pump bras” out there) Simple Wishes is for the mom who is not one to sacrifice style over function. The bustier has a comfortable and flattering fit that is easily adjustable – and mamas – it really does work! Gone are the days of hunching over, holding the breast pump flanges on, and being “stuck” for 15 minutes! You can have your cake and eat it too with the Simple Wishes Bustier.”

JESSICA H., Yorktown, VA

“What a wonderful product!! I am nursing my 3rd child and this is my first time using a pumping bra at the suggestion of a friend. I went on the web to do some research and ran across simple wishes website and compared it to other styles of hands free pumping bras. I left a message and received a call back from Joy, who really took the time and interest in talking to me about my needs and made some great suggestions, as I am larger chested (44H) and was having an issue with plugged milk ducts from an under wire nursing bra. Customer Service was exceptional from beginning to end!!

The packaging of the product is very nice with picture type instructions. I like the light pink color of the bra, the fabric is so soft; it feels organic and is perfect against soft breast tissue/skin, which can be sensitive while nursing. The Velcro on the back is strong and stable and much better then the traditional large loop Velcro you are used to seeing. The bra is very well constructed and extremely versatile due to its adjustability in the back, front and straps. The bra definitely works in securely holding on the breast shield from my Medella pump in style, it took me a moment to realize that I had to go underneath all 4 pieces of fabric so that the breast shield would have good suction, the fabric keeps it securely in place.

I am so happy that I found this bra!! It has made my time at work more productive while pumping at my desk I can e-mail and don’t feel guilty like I am wasting time and can still be a good Mom and pump milk for the baby (4 mths old) while I am working. My shoulders used to tense up while holding up the breast shields. Since I am more relaxed I feel like the milk is flowing quicker then before, which makes for a more productive pumping session. I am also able to easily massage my breasts to work out that last little bit of milk. I use it twice a day at 10am and 2pm. Love it!!

Thanks to Joy & her sisters for developing a GREAT product for nursing Mom’s whether they work or not.”

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