Rebecca K., San Francisco, CA

Rebecca K., San Francisco, CA

“The Simple Wishes Bustier has saved me so much time and energy, My baby was 7 weeks early. I also developed carpal tunnel and holding the cone in place was difficult at times I used no pumping bra for 8 weeks. Then I came across the simple wishes pumping bra.

I have been a mega producer since my milk came in (60-70oz daily) so needless to say pumping at times can take a little longer. Being able to use both my hands while pumping is wonderful. I am able to hold my baby girl as well and for me since I also work full time being able to hold my baby and pump when I get home and in turn it saves time. I just wish I would have had this sooner.

I have also used other pumping bras and there quality does not even compare. The material is super soft and the bra is comfortable. The velcro on the back can get a little scratchy if not lined up just right but overall is a great bra and I will get another if it is needed. Thank you simple wishes for a great bra!!”

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