Can’t find leggings that fit your belly and your legs? It might be time to get some of Koral’s lustrous maternity leggings. These maternity leggings were made specifically for mothers like you who still want the comfort and ease of wearing leggings, without the absurdly tight waist band or baggy leg area. Whether you are at the beginning, end, or somewhere in between, these leggings will support you through it all. These leggings were made with Koral’s infinity fabric which is meant for maximum movement and style. The Koral leggings come in both midnight and black colors. 

For another maternity legging option, try the Glowe maternity legging with supportive and stretchy fabric to take you all the way through 9 months of pregnancy and beyond! Expect no sag and a longevity out of the fabric blend and style. The patent pending internal bonded system holds your baby bump to alleviate lower-back pressure/pain and pelvic pressure. These leggings provide the support of a maternity belt without all of the bulk! Some of the other exciting features are; internal cooling technology, super soft but never sheer fabric, and that the leggings grow with you and then snap back whenever you do!