Wearable Pump Accessory

Stop stretching out your nursing bras with your wearable pump. The Simple Wishes Wearable Pump Support Accessory maintains ideal compression for your wearable pump throughout each pumping session and over time in your breastfeeding journey. Simply slip on over your nursing bra each time you pump to maintain optimal performance of your wearable pump.
  • Slips on easily over any nursing bra to support your wearable pump.

  • To maintain ideal compression the Comfort Support Strap can adjust by up to 8".

  • Over time, if you need more compression shorten the Comfort Support Strap.

  • Retrofit rather than replace. Switch out the Comfort Support Strap component rather than the entire wearable pump support as the elasticity degrades over time. 

Tested to support over 16 ounces of weight while double pumping.

Fabric Content:
93% Modal, 7% Spandex