Sling T-Shirt Bra (Black)


The only bra where the nursing clasp can be hidden while pregnant and beyond breastfeeding. While wearing the removable Undercover Bra Straps, no one will know it's a Nursing Bra, and we won't tell!

Breastfeeding journey begins? Easily convert the bra to wear the Nursing Bra Straps that have one-hand quick-release clasps for on-the-go breastfeeding convenience. Not to worry, no disruptive fabrics get in the way of you and your little one, just skin to skin to promote bonding between you and your baby.

Irritated nipples are a definite no-go thanks to padded, molded cups made from a soft, silky fabric that are sure to make any mom feel soothed and supported. There’s no need to second guess wearing that cute top either, as there are no lumpy fabrics or unsightly seam lines to deflate your confidence.

The patented Simple Sling is ideal for the 9-5 workday pumper who prefers a minimalist approach to hands-free pump support. Often described as the best bra for Elvie pump or any wearable pumps, in general, to maintain proper compression without stretching out the bra cup when using the Comfort Sling accessory to extend the cup. Tested to support over 1lb of weight when supporting traditional pumps (Medela, Spectra, Ameda etc).

NOTE: Traditional Breast Pump Users
If you have a relaxed breast shape with nipples pointing downward we recommend exploring our SuperMom styles. The minimal Sling design may not allow the flanges to drop low enough for proper flange positioning on relaxed breast shapes.


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  • Ideal for wear while pregnant or once milk supply has established, usually 8-12 weeks postpartum, when you are ready for a more structured fit and polished profile under clothing.
  • Undercover Bra Straps modify the bra to hide the nursing clasp for repurposed wear during pregnancy and beyond breastfeeding.
  • Bra Straps can be converted from tank to racerback
  • 2” Eeezy Back Band Extender included for extra flex in the band as size changes over time.
  • Wide athletic inspired, power mesh lingerie infused wings for comfortable supportive stretch
  • Ideal for maintaining proper compression for wearable pumps (Elvie, Willow) without stretching out the bra cup.
  • Supports single and double pumping as well as tandem nursing/pumping using traditional and wearable pumps.
  • Holds over 1 lb for hands-free pumping with no loss of suction at your most comfortable suction setting on your breast pump