NOW AVAILABLE! | Sling T-Shirt Bra in Black & Sunkissed Rose!

Sling T-Shirt Bra (Sunkissed Rose) - Core Color Collection
Sling T-Shirt Bra (Sunkissed Rose) - Core Color Collection
Sling T-Shirt Bra (Sunkissed Rose) - Core Color Collection
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Sling T-Shirt Bra (Sunkissed Rose) - Core Color Collection
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Sling T-Shirt Bra (Sunkissed Rose) - Core Color Collection

Sling T-Shirt Bra (Sunkissed Rose) - Core Color Collection

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Buy 2 Sling Bras NOW and get a FREE Reversible Lounge & Sleep Nursing Bra ($24.99 value)! Add both products to your cart and use promo code FreeSleep at checkout. It's a great deal!

Comfort. Versatility. Simplicity. Sustainability. These values are what we focused on during our design process. Comfortable support for your changing shape? Check. Versatile design to easily transition between nursing and pumping in a simple way? Check. Unique conversion feature for sustainable, extended wear beyond breastfeeding and during pregnancy? Check. 

No need to purchase multiple bras for different purposes! Additionally, the minimal Simple Sling™ offers unrivaled support for hands-free pumping while eliminating the bulky layers, irritating seam lines and indiscreet openings found in all other multi-function bras.

Comfort & sustainable fashion is as important as function. Each bra includes two interchangeable pairs of bra straps. The Cup Sling™ Bra Straps, are used to support nursing & pumping. Once you wean your baby from breastfeeding don't throw the bra away. Use the Undercover Bra Straps™ for repurposed wear as a regular wire-free, T-Shirt Bra for comfort beyond breastfeeding and also during pregnancy. No one will know it's a nursing bra and we promise we won't tell!

The Sling Bra is a smart choice to support your journey into motherhood, breastfeeding and beyond!


Know Your Lemons™

What can your Lemons tell you? We are proud to donate 3% of the profits from the Lemonade Line of bras towards funding the work of Know Your Lemons. Their mission is to educate women on the 12 signs of breast cancer for early detection to save lives!

PRO MAMA TIP: Uncertain of your current mom bod size? Don't guess. Take our Fit Quiz to get a free tape measure.



Versatile Use

Easily transition between breastfeeding and hands-free pumping, without having to change in and out of bras for each function. Supports double pumping, single pumping or tandem nursing and pumping.

Go Undercover - During Pregnancy & Beyond Breastfeeding

Nothing fits? Craving comfort? Uncertain how long your breastfeeding journey will last and if you should invest in a nursing bra? The Sling Bra is a smart and sustainable choice, because, it can be repurposed for use as a regular, comfortable, wire-free bra during pregnancy and beyond breastfeeding. Conceal the nursing clasp by switching out the Cup Sling™ Bra Straps, that support nursing and hands-free pumping, for the Undercover Bra Straps™ (included with each bra) that have no nursing clasp. Also included is the Eeezy Band Extender™ that creates 2" of flex in the band. This accessory is particularly helpful in the 3rd Trimester and throughout the first few weeks of breastfeeding as your milk supply establishes and your body recovers from giving birth.

Even if you are not pregnant or breastfeeding, you could wear this bra simply for the amazing comfort and style!

The Simple Game Changer

For hands-free pumping the patent pending, minimal Simple Sling™, consisting of the Cup Sling Bra Straps + Comfort Sling, is revolutionary. This elegant design eliminates the bulky, unattractive layers of fabric and indiscreet, skin irritating openings found in all other combination nursing and pumping bras. It has been tested to support more than the weight of full pump bottles (over 16 oz!), while maintaining optimal support, even with the pump set at the lowest suction level. This unrivaled support won't let you down!

Easy Nursing Clasp and Padded Cups for Discretion

Breastfeed with easy to use, one-hand, quick release clasps, located at the shoulders on the Cup Sling Bra Straps, streamline access to the breast and promotes essential skin-to-skin contact between you and your baby. Padded, compression free molded cups provide support, shape, durability and discretion to conceal sensitive, engorged breast tissue. Soft and silky fabric soothes mom’s sensitive skin. Additionally, while pumping, The Simple Sling design allows full exposure of the breast creating better visibility for monitoring multiple let downs and enabling the ability to massage, which could result in more milk expressed in less time.

Soft Plush Back Convertible Bra Straps

Provides more shoulder comfort and support. Both Cup Sling and Undercover Bra Straps may be worn in tank or racerback style to accommodate the needs of your wardrobe. Two settings on the back band for your ideal bra strap positioning guarantee your bra straps will stay put. No annoying slipping.

Seamless T-Shirt Fit. No Wire. Reinforced Band Support

No lines and lumps. Molded cups with buttery soft, stretch and silky fabric liner that’s comfortable to wear all day while virtually invisible under clothing!

Did you know, 80% of the support of your breasts comes from the band? Rather than using uncomfortable, constricting underwire, we have layered power mesh into the band to maintain superior support of your breasts.