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Comfort Sling | Boob Print

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  • Comfort Sling | Black
  • Comfort Sling | Boob Print
  • Comfort Sling | Sunkissed Rose
  • Description

    The Comfort Sling is an optional use accessory for pump support in our SuperMom and Undercover bra styles. It's particularly helpful for women who prefer pumping on lower suction levels or are lucky enough to have a milk supply that fills the bottles to the brim in each pumping session. It is worn only when pumping. We recommend keeping it with your pump between sessions.

    In our SuperMom styles, as bottles get heavier, just clasp the Comfort Sling to the outer cups of your bra, to enhance the support from the non-compressive pump support cup liner. This means you can continue hands-free pumping, at your most comfortable suction level, from start to finish of your pumping session!

    In our Undercover styles, use it to extend the cup to support a wearable pump.  This will protect the stretch & recovery of your bra cups and bra straps for better breast support throughout the day. Some women, who have smaller A-C cups, can also support traditional flange/bottle breast pumps in the Undercover style.

    The Comfort Sling comes in 2 adjustable lengths. 99% of women fit in the regular length. If you find the regular length is too short for your body we are happy to send you the longer length free of charge.

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      4 Comfort Sling Accessories compatible with SuperMom styles for traditional pump support and Undercover Nursing Bra styles to extend the cup for wearable in bra pump support. Custom boob print fabric.
      Off body image showing Comfort Sling used with SuperMom Nursing & Pumping Bralette for an additional tradtional flange/bottle breast pump support
      Off body image showing Comfort Sling used with Undercover Nursing Bra to extend the cup for wearable pump support



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