Cup Sling Bra Straps


These adjustable bra straps are a key element of the Simple Sling hands free pump support design of your Sling T-Shirt Bra or Bralette. Struggling to get the proper positioning for your breast pump? Feel like the Cup Sling length you have is compressing your breast? Order a size up from the one graded for your bra cup. This will give you extra room to lengthen and adjust the fit for your body.

Our fit specialists are available to help you select the proper size at They will schedule an appointment to assess your fit over a secure video chat.

To self-service check if you have the proper size follow these steps:

1.) Fully extend the length of the Cup Sling in your bra. This is the portion of the strap inside the cup of your bra that holds the bra strap on when you have unhooked the cup for nursing. Notice there is a pink colored slider. Pull it down in the same way you would to lengthen a bra strap.

2.) Once fully extended, pull the Cup Sling Strap inwards across your breast towards the midline of your body. If you feel like it is compressing your breast tissue or is not long enough to allow you to center your pump parts on your nipple then you should try a longer size.

X-Short adjusts from 3.75" - 6.75". This is standard for B cup sizes.

Short adjusts from 4.25" - 7.75". This is standard for C & D cup sizes.

Medium adjusts from 4.75" - 8.75" This is standard for DD & F cup sizes.

Long adjusts from 5.5" - 10.25". This is standard for G & H cup sizes.

X-Long adjusts from 6" - 11.75". This is standard for I & J cups.