Sustainable Nursing and Pumping Bras

Sustainable Nursing and Pumping Bras

Earth Day is April 22nd, and we could not be more proud to highlight our Sling T-Shirt Bra from our limited edition Lemonade Line this year. Our exclusive, eco-friendly Lemonade Sling T-Shirt Bra offers elevated colors in a variety of luxurious fabrics built with our patented sling design to accentuate and support your natural curves, your breast pump, and your breastfeeding journey.

Our green Lemonade Line uses deadstock fabrics, which are essentially fashion industry leftovers that would have otherwise been thrown away. These remnant fabrics are reclaimed from other high-quality lingerie brands, and in doing so, Simple Wishes is eliminating the carbon footprint that the fabric destruction would have created.

If unused, deadstock fabrics may end up in the landfill, or even worse, burned. Incinerating fabric releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which exacerbates global warming and can harm human health.

In essence, we are proudly making lemonade out of lemons! But because we only have access to a finite amount of these leftover fabrics, our Lemonade Line is a limited edition. You can shop our Lemonade Line of Sling T-Shirt Bras here.

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