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Our Story

Really? This is what pumping is like? There has to be a better way!

Debra, one of the co-founders of Simple Wishes, had recently given birth, and was struggling to exclusively pump for her newborn son. Every 2 hours she would sit hunched over holding the pump for 15-20 minutes. She determined to create a solution that freed up her hands while pumping and also adjusted in size has her body recovered from pregnancy. Her creation is our best selling Hands Free PumpIng Bra which, over the last decade, has supported more than 1.5 million moms in meeting their breastfeeding goals. 

Joined by her sisters, Joy, Keren and Elesha; this sister-preneur team each bring their unique talents and personal experience to continue to evolve and bring to life exceptional products that hit that sweet spot of high quality at an affordable price and enhance your breastfeeding journey to make it....simpler. 

As moms, we understand the tremendous benefits of breastfeeding and appreciate the challenges. We've been there. Our mission is to alleviate some of those challenges and empower moms to continue providing the wonderful nutrition of breastmilk to their baby. Go SuperMom!