Comfort and Foundation Found!

Comfort and Foundation Found!

Introducing the new Foundation All-in-One Nursing and Pumping Bra – the bra that can do it all. The bra made for busy, multi-tasking, nursing and pumping mamas.

We are here for you! All of you amazing mamas are doing a great job with your babies, and we encourage you to keep up the fantastic work. We come from a family of breastfeeding moms, so we’ve been there, we know the challenges, and we work every day to give you more solutions to breastfeed and pump with ease, convenience and style.

Therefore, we are proud to introduce you to our new Foundation All-in-One Nursing and Pumping Bra! We’ve just recently launched this bra and new moms and media are loving it. You can read more about what both of these groups have been saying below.

All-in-One Breastfeeding & Pumping Bra

Like our other bras, our new Foundation Bra was designed by a mom of three who, with her three sisters, is on a mission to help simplify and support the life of a new mom. This bra is like your all-time favorite comfy T-shirt bra, but created to support you through your journey of breastfeeding and pumping (and even the changing shapes that happen during pregnancy). The Foundation All-in-One Bra provides support, comfort, functionality and performance all in one, and is designed to be the one bra that can do it all. We all need something that can help do it all, right?!

What Makes It a Must-Have?

To break it down, here are few reasons why the Foundation Bra is a must-have item for new moms like you:

  • All-day comfort and all-day wear with seamless T-Shirt fit. Virtually invisible under clothing
  • Luxuriously soft, stretchy & comfortable fabric with four-way stretch molds to embrace mom’s changing shape throughout the days, months, years
  • Convertible straps so for a racerback or tank style. No underwire.
  • Designed for HANDS-FREE pumping & breastfeeding – even at the same time!
  • Nursing – Patented, easy open and close upper nursing clasp streamlines access to the breast promoting essential skin-to-skin contact between mom and baby. Full drop away, wireless, cup designed for maximum skin-to-skin contact and comfort.
  • Hands-Free Pumping - Unclasp the lower portion of patented clasp to access the supportive, sewn in pumping panel layer for single or double pumping. Compatible with all major breastpump brands, including Spectra.
  • Pumping Halter Strap – Halter Strap is intended to be worn optionally while pumping. This feature is unique to the Simple Wishes line of bras resulting in unmatched support to maintain a tight seal and optimal suction of the breastpump as bottles fill and get heavy with breastmilk.
  • Convenience – The sewn in pumping panel allows you to save precious time throughout the day. No need to clip or zip on a separate pumping accessory each time you pump
  • Amazing price point – The Foundation Bra is a top-quality product for only $24.99 on
  • Sizing options galore - Offered in “regular” and ”busty” size ranges to create optimal support and fit regardless of band/cup combination. PRO MAMA TIP: Make sure to order your correct size for perfect fit. You can do so by viewing our size chart and calculator, and by watching our quick Fit Guide Video:
  • Maternity & Postpartum Fit – The bra has an integrated extender in the back closure that allows for 2” of additional expansion for fluctuations in ribcage size during pregnancy and postpartum.

News Moms & Media Are Raving About the New Foundation Bra

What to Expect said “The affordable nursing and maternity bra is also one of the most popular new releases on Amazon.” New moms have said they love the comfort, soft feel, halter feature, great price point, high-quality, convenience features and durability of the new Foundation All-in-One Nursing and Pumping Bra.

How to Get Yours

Get a new Foundation All-in-One Nursing and Pumping Bra while they’re hot! We promise you’ll love it!