Not All Amazon Reviews are Created Equal

Not All Amazon Reviews are Created Equal

You, our consumers, are our most valuable assets. Well, I guess we all know our children are actually our best & most valuable assets ;)

At Simple Wishes, we are always working to give our consumers accurate and honest information.

We know reviews are a key piece of information when you're shopping for products – especially new products that you may not be familiar with like hands-free pumping bras. We’re working hard to make sure you're getting accurate and authentic info, even from our competitors, to help you make smart and educated decisions about the products that are right for you and your lifestyle. 

Unfortunately, not all reviews are equal. Joy Kosak and Debra Abbaszadeh, two of our Simple Wishes founders, were recently featured in a CNBC segment about Fake Reviews on Amazon. We wanted to share this valuable news with you and highlight what these two women (and others) are doing to get more honest reviews out to consumers.

Fake reviews are a big problem on Amazon, like Facebook groups where bad actors solicit paid positive reviews to bots and click farms that upvote negative reviews to take out the competition. Illegitimate reviews can boost sales of unsafe products and hurt business for legitimate sellers, causing brands like Nike and Birkenstock to sever ties with Amazon. Included in this recent CNBC segment are some ways to spot fake reviews and what Amazon and others are doing to try and stop them. 

As you know, Simple Wishes is a mom-owned and operated company on a mission to help simplify and support the lives of new moms everywhere. We sell our nursing and pumping bras on Amazon, and our original hands-free pumping bra has been an Amazon Choice product for years. Our new Sling Bra, which is like no other bra on the market as it can take a mom from maternity to nursing & pumping and then back to an everyday bra, is also available on Amazon.

Again, we are here for you and thankful you are our customers. Wishing you happy and safe online shopping. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions.

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