SuperMom Spotlight: Introducing Charity Solberg

SuperMom Spotlight: Introducing Charity Solberg

We are thrilled to continue our Supermom Spotlight Series! For each spotlight, we sit down with an inspiring supermom and dig into her story. From birthing experts and entrepreneurs to philanthropists and everyday moms, we aim to enlighten and empower the Supermom in all of us with each story.

For our latest Supermom Spotlight, our own Jenn Freedman, founder of Plant-Powered Livin’, chatted with Charity Solberg, founder of The Nurtured Baby. As a massage therapist for over a decade, Charity initially focused on sports therapy, and was even a massage therapist at the 2015 Super Bowl! She then pivoted her massage practice towards women’s health, and when her daughter came along in 2019, she inspired Charity’s new focus toward infants.

Here is our interview with Charity...

We love to ask all of our Supermoms this simple question: Can you tell us about your breastfeeding journey?

 My breastfeeding journey started out with three very exhausting days. To be honest, I don’t even remember all of the specific details, but I know I didn’t sleep for three days and my boobs were in so much pain! However, with the help of my lactation consultant, it quickly became one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. She truly changed my life, so much so that I am interning to become one myself!

Today your professional focus is around infant massage and babywearing. Can you tell me about your journey and how it brought you to this focus?

I have been a massage prenatal/postpartum therapist for over ten years. I started in sports therapy, but after several years I realized I wanted to specialize in women’s health. And then when I had my daughter, massaging her was seemingly second nature to me. 

But within weeks, I wanted to dive deeper into this realm. I knew the benefits were so much more than adorable, and I was spot on. Benefits include helping with gas, teething, sleep, and so much more. Once I finished my certification in performing infant massage here in the U.S. and another program in the U.K. to teach infant massage, I knew I had to start sharing this education with other parents.

About a year later, I realized babywearing was another venue that needed some guidance, not just from troubleshooting how to wear your baby, but also from a safety perspective. You might be wondering, “What is babywearing?” You have probably seen moms, parents, and caregivers styling brightly colored fabrics and carriers to help them carry their babies against their hips, chest, and back...this is babywearing. What many don’t know is the safety, proper techniques, and even culture behind baby wearing. That’s where I come in. 

What types of programs and support do you offer?

I provide both online and in person consults for babywearing and infant massage, as well as baby massage online classes (more info here).

Do you have any free resources to guide new parents?

My instagram is full of fun free content! Baby Educator ( 

What is your advice for new parents/parents-to-be? What do you wish you had known when you started your parenting journey?

My one piece of advice is simply this, enjoy the little moments. They go by way too fast.

Has COVID-19 changed your business in any way?

COVID actually made me step out of my comfort zone and get in front of the camera, simply because virtual was now my only option. If I hadn’t been forced to think outside the box, I wouldn’t have been able to teach moms across the globe (in Russia, Ireland, Costa Rica, and across Europe). That is the power of Zoom, Instagram, and other social media. 

Anything on the horizon for The Nurtured Baby that you would like to share?

I have so many things ahead of me...the two biggest being lactation consulting and continuing to watch my online consultations grow. The world is still my oyster, and although I never saw myself in the mommy business world, I love every moment of it. 

What an inspiring story by Charity Solberg. You can find her on Instagram and through her website at

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