Your Ultimate Return-to-Work Wardrobe

Your Ultimate Return-to-Work Wardrobe

Congratulations on the arrival of your precious little one! Now, as you anticipate reconnecting with the professional world, we're here to bring you a special guide to getting back to work. Returning to the office, even if that office is at home, after having a baby can present a fresh set of challenges and uncertainties. Naturally, you may wonder how things have evolved in your absence. Rest assured, your colleagues should still treat you with the same warmth and respect (and they better!). Now, let's address the million-dollar question that's on your mind:

What should you wear after your maternity leave?

During this phase of transitioning back to work, it's important to acknowledge that you might still be recovering from your labor and delivery experience, adjusting to the changes in your body and, (oh joy) juggling the demands of pumping, It's completely understandable that your body hasn't fully returned to its pre-pregnancy state just yet—after all, your uterus expanded to the size of a watermelon! Take your time and be patient with yourself as you navigate this incredible journey.

You likely spent those sleep deprived, yet blissful days of parental leave, with sweats, nightgowns, and the coziest robe you could find as your fashion statement. But now that the outside world beckons, you might find yourself wondering how on earth you'll cope. Fret not, my friend! Our expertise goes well beyond undergarments—we've got some sneaky postpartum tricks up our sleeves to make dressing for pumping at work a breeze. Yup, you heard it right. You can wear normal looking clothing that will transform you into a pumping superhero, making your post-baby work wardrobe a whole lot easier. In some cases, you may already have all the items you need in your closet. Who knew your clothing could have multiple career paths, right?

Get ready to discover some top-secret, HR-approved garments that are not only comfy and stylish but also cleverly designed with postpartum features. So keep reading, my undercover fashionista, and prepare to rock outfits that will leave everyone clueless about their hidden post-baby powers. It's like dressing for a spy mission, except the mission is looking fabulous and feeling comfortable!

First up, we recommend shopping your own closet before purchasing anything new. Many of us own classic button up shirts. They are relaxed yet professional, and you simply can't go wrong with a classic that pairs well with leggings or a skirt. The key element for you: buttons! Yep, those little magical fasteners make it a breeze to pump. Who knew buttons could be so empowering? Just make sure the cut of the shirt is relaxed enough to make room for the new shape of your milk makers without popping those buttons and exposing yourself.

Abbi nursing top for return to work pumping and breastfeeding     

Not into wearing a button down top every day? We totally get the struggle of finding office-appropriate attire that doesn't make you feel like a fashion disaster.
Look in your closet for tops or dresses with V or crossover necklines that have enough stretch and recovery in the fabric so you remain professionally covered up in the workplace. These two tops; The Catherine and Abbi have it all—comfort, style, and a touch of magic. With easy access V necklines that pull aside or pull down. Beautiful draping and polished details, like a mirrored V inset in the back of the Catherine, help you rock looks that are both on-trend, oh-so-comfy, yet practical for pumping.  Simply pull aside the neckline, in the case of the Abbi, or pull down the stretchy Catherine neckline for easy access to double pump. No need to remove your top! Did we mention the lightweight Tencel™ Modal fabric—it's like a heavenly cloud that gracefully drapes over your body, providing all the coverage and comfort you could possibly desire and is machine washable. No dry cleaning required here. Who said you can't have it all? These tops begs to differ!

Catherine Nursing Top professional looking clothing for return to work while breastfeeding and pumping

Let's talk grownup onesies (aka Dresses and Jumpsuits).

Noor Jumpsuit and Stela Nursing Dress for return to work clothing to make pumping easierPull aside neckline detail in Noor Nursing Jumpsuit and Vivian Nursing Dress

These used to be an absolute no go zone for pumping women because you had to contort yourself into awkward positions while trying to unzip and undress like a circus performer when it was time to pump.  We designed dresses (and jumpsuits) with easy V necklines or hidden lift up light layers (that won't bag or sag). These garments respect your pumping needs, and desire for easy dressing, without having to get half naked. Your comfort and dignity will thank you! 

The Kate Cardigan Offices are like winter wonderlands of perpetual chilliness, making it the perfect excuse to rock this fabulous cardigan. No one will give you a second glance when you casually slide it on because, let's be honest, everyone is freezing in there. The best part? The open front design ensures you won't be left shivering like an Arctic explorer in your pumping room. It's like your very own cozy fortress against the office cold. This cardigan is so incredible, you'll want to make it a permanent resident on the back of your chair, like your trusty office companion. Together, you'll conquer the chilly temperatures, one stylish layer at a time. Who needs a snuggie when you've got this office-approved fashion armor?

Kate Nursing Cardigan - Nice warm layer to wear while pumping at work

In Conclusion...

Having a baby doesn't mean you have to wave goodbye to your personal sense of style and embrace the snooze-fest of a "mom look." No way! But hey, let's not forget that your body is on a healing marathon and still needs some extra TLC. But here's the good news: comfy doesn't have to equal frumpy. You can find the perfect balance between fashion and function to make the most of your situation. 

And because a professional-yet-comfy wardrobe can be a disaster without the right undergarments, choose a wireless bra (we’ve got some great t-shirt bra options for hands free pumping and nursing).

From pumping schedules to getting back into the swing of endless meetings, deadlines and everything in between, going back to work after maternity leave can be challenging. The clothes you wear can be one little thing you absolutely control that will impact how you feel. Having the right staple pieces can truly make a difference in your stress levels and own that boss status.