Breastfeeding & Postpartum Care Video Series

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Kathleen McCue
Meet Your Teacher
Dr. Kathleen McCue

Introducing Dr. Kathleen McCue

After the Golden Hour

Organizing The Day – Is there supposed to be some type of schedule here?

The Bedtime Ritual – How to avoid feeling like you’re in a sleep deprivation study

GERD/Colic, Early Weight Loss & Expected Gain

Burping and Calming Techniques

Positioning and Block Feeding

Sore Nipples and Improper Latch

Baby Led Feeding & Bonus Latch Tips

Low Milk Supply

Parallel Pumping

Preparing for Back to Work

Odds and Ends – A Compilation of Frequently Asked Questions


Carolyn Johnson

Postpartum Positioning

Your Pelvic Floor

Mental Health