Get to Know Your Breast Pump


Welcome Mama! Now that our sister company, Pumping Essentials, has shipped your pump it's time to learn how to use it. Forget about reading the manual, below are short videos tailored to each pump model. Now tear open that pump box, find your video below and let's get started!

Spectra S1



Spectra S2


Spectra 9 Plus


Medela Pump in Style Advanced with MaxFlow


Medela Freestyle Flex


Lansinoh SmartPump


Ameda Mya Joy


Coming Soon! Elvie, Willow, Freemie Independence, Freemie Liberty and BabyBuddha


Learn How to Pump Hands-Free


This collection of videos will guide you through how to use each of Simple Wishes bra styles.

No Commitment Maternity & Nursing Bra

The No Commitment styles come with two pairs of bra straps. The 1st pair of straps, connected to your bra, are Nursing Bra Straps that have a nursing clasp. The 2nd pair of straps, that are packaged unconnected to the bra, are the Undercover Bra Straps. These straps do not have a nursing clasp and may be worn during pregnancy or for extended wear beyond breastfeeding as a normal looking bra. If you already own this bra style, you may convert it to a hands-free pumping bra by ordering the Comfort Sling (padded halter strap) sold separately under bra accessories.


SuperMom Bra Video

The SuperMom styles have two layers and a dual function nursing clasp. The upper portion of the clasp takes down the bra cup completely for easy breastfeeding access. The lower portion of the clasp is used to access the pumping liner of the bra for hands-free pump support. The Comfort Sling (padded halter strap) is included to supplement the support from the pumping liner as your bottles fill.


Sling Bra Videos

The Sling styles have one nursing clasp, no extra layers and come packaged with a Comfort Sling (padded halter strap) used to support hands-free pumping. This is our most innovative, minimal design for nursing and pumping and may be used with our Undercover Bra Straps (sold separately) to conceal the nursing clasp while pregnant or extended wear beyond breastfeeding.