Undercover 101 Bra Video

 Welcome. This short video will help you get to know your Undercover better. If you have more questions, reach out to us via Support at the bottom of this page. We are here to help.


The Undercover styles are available in T-Shirt Bra, Bralette, Sports Bra, Tank & Night Dress styles.  The key features are:
  • Single layer bra cup.
  • Single nursing clasp on each cup/bra strap.
  • Hide the Nursing Clasp - Includes 2 pairs of bra straps. One pair has nursing clasps, the other pair does not.
  • Wearable Pump Support - This style is compatible with the Comfort Sling halter accessory. This gives you the ability to extend the cup to create the ideal compression for your wearable pump (Elvie, Willow, Freemie etc) without stretching out your bra cup.