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Warranty Overview: Simple Wishes will replace a manufacturer’s defect on any of our products within 180 days of product purchase. Defects may extend to clips (that are broken, will not stay closed, or will not open), stitching, defects in fabric and/or trims etc. Some defects, while rare, only appear with wear. Simple Wishes may replace defective bra merchandise that has been washed and/or worn (provided it is returned within 180 days of purchase). Each garment will be evaluated for defects by our Quality Assurance Department and any garment received that is deemed not to present a manufacturer’s defect (e.g. breastmilk stains) will be returned “as is” without reimbursement. Additionally, please see note below about bra care and maintenance to level set expectations for normal wear and tear of elastics and longevity of the bra.

Bra Care & Maintenance: If you want your bras to perform at their best and last as long as possible, you need to wash your bra after wearing it once, or maximally twice. Think about it: the bra is a "second skin" worn directly against your body so it collects body oils, breastmilk and skin cells. Elastic, a key component of the bra band and straps, does not respond well to either substance. When these materials get into the elastic, its ability to stretch and recover is decreased. It takes a proper wash to remove these substances so the elastic can go back to doing its job. If you wear your bras twice before washing, you need to give the bra a day off in between wearings. This is why it's recommended you have at least three bras in rotation with one to wear, one in the wash and one as a spare as the elastic needs time to recover and go back to a neutral position. We get it, as a new mom, time is limited so you may machine wash and dry our bras, however, please understand, this will reduce the life expectancy. Elastics wearing out, impacting the support of the bra, will not be covered under the 180 Day Warranty. If you do have the time, hand washing and air drying are key to cleaning your bra. Use lukewarm water and a gentle detergent. Unscented Eucalan is a great option and is also fantastic for washing baby clothes. Let your bras soak for approximately 30 minutes to allow the soap and water to work their magic. Rinse the soap from the bras in lukewarm water. To extract water from the bra gently lay in a towel and press down on the towel. Then lay the bra on the towel to dry. This soak-and-press technique is actually quite easy and does not require much active time at all.

If you follow these care instructions, the normal life of a bra that is worn twice a week is six to nine months. Regardless of care, there will come a time when a wash will not be able to resurrect the bra's elastic and that is when the bra's useful life is over.

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