Breastfeeding During COVID-19

Breastfeeding During COVID-19

We know there is still a lot of uncertainty right now. We are feeling it with you. Our children are feeling it too. What we are sure of is that you need to make sure to take care of yourself and then your little people. Your children need you now more than ever and we know nothing is going to stop you, SuperMom, from feeding your newborn or your older kids, and doing the best you can during these uncertain times.

We are in this together and we are here for you. If you need breastfeeding tips or just another mom to chat with (or vent to), call or email us anytime. 

We’re sure there are so many questions swirling around in your head like: could COVID affect your breastmilk, are these kids ever going back to school? How do you get kids to stay on somewhat of a routine? When can you see your own parents? How do you not eat cookies all day….

We’ve put together some resources that we have found comforting right now and hope they will be helpful to you as well. Hang in there mamas and stay positive!

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, some resources for you follow:

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Be safe. Be good to yourself. Practice self-love. From our family to yours,

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