Mask Your Face: Harness Your Inner Happy

Mask Your Face: Harness Your Inner Happy

Simple Wishes is now offering Non-Medical Jersey Cotton Masks to support you and your health during current times. Our job has always been to support moms, babies and the whole family. By providing quality and affordable masks, we can continue to fulfill our mission.

We encourage you to mask your face, but harness your:

  • Inner happy
  • Positive spirit
  • Bright light & energy and
  • SuperMom Powers! You are super and we know it. Even with a mask on, we can tell when you’re smiling.

The new masks are only $3.50 and for every mask purchased, Simple Wishes is donating a mask to Boys & Girls Clubs of America which have many Clubhouses still open and operational as a safe place for kids and families in underserved communities.

Our masks are made with three layers of soft, lightweight, jersey cotton so you're covered comfortably. We are offering an adult size mask as well as a children’s mask to keep the whole family safe. All details can be found here.

From our family to yours – stay safe, healthy and happy. We’re in this together.