Finding the Right Bra Fit

Finding the Right Bra Fit

Finding the right bra fit can feel like finding your prince charming or finding a needle in a haystack, especially if you have a baby to look after! Don’t fret. We, the sisters and designers behind Simple Wishes nursing and pumping Bras, are here to help you find the best nursing and pumping bra made for you and your lifestyle.

We get it. Buying bras online is not easy. Your body has also likely changed with pregnancy and breastfeeding. We want to support you and help make things easier – like finding the right bra fit to help make feeding your baby a little easier. We got you covered! We are a family-run business with four sisters working together to make products that help simplify and support the life of a new mom.

Here’s how to find the right bra for you:

First, have the following tools ready: flexible measuring tape, pen, or pencil and a notepad. Don't have a flexible measuring tape? We are moms which means we are problem solvers! Find a piece of string, yarn, or heck, even a bra strap that will fit around your body. Once your have your circumference marked, lay it flat next to your regular tape measure to find your band and cup measurements. Many pregnant women use their previous band size, but with all of the changes going on in your body and breast size during this time, our advice is to always take your current band size and cup size. We also recommend waiting until 38 weeks gestation to determine your band size due to the expansion of your rib cage. While we are all capable, sometimes when taking self measurements we can make a mistake. Ask your partner or a friend to check your measurements before you order.

Finding Your Band Size:

Measure your lower band by putting the flexible measuring tape around your ribcage/under bust, (the tape should be right under your breasts). Pull tight in front. Write down your exact under bust measurement-half inches matter too. Most people only use this number for their under bust measurement. If you are no longer pregnant, as a doublecheck, you can also measure your upper band by putting the flexible measuring tape under your arms, and around your whole body. Pull tight in front and make sure the tape is high on your back. 

Now it’s time to do some math to ensure the best fit:

  • Take your lower band measurement
  • If your lower band measurement is a fraction, round to the nearest whole number
  • If the resulting number is an uneven number, round up to the nearest even number. Example – 29 would round up to 30
  • Add 4" to that number. This is your band size.

Finding Your Cup Size:

Measure around the fullest part of your bust. Make sure you press the measuring tape into your sternum to get an accurate number. The reason this is important is because we measure our products based an a specialized system to ensure you are completely supported. Write down your exact number.

Now here's the math to calculate your cup size:

  • Subtract the final result of your lower band math from your chest measurement. 
  • If your cup size is a fraction, round to the nearest whole number. Example: 3.75 would be 4.

For every inch your bust measures over your band size, count a cup size: 1 = A cup 2 = B cup 3 = C cup 4 = D cup 5 = DD (E) cup 6 = DDD (F) cup

Example bra size with a 32 band size and a 35 bust measurement would be 32 C (35-32=3).

Then, check out our size chart to find which bra size is best for you. You can also visit the product pages of our website to watch our quick Fit Guide video. to view the “how to” process of taking your measurements. Even better, take our fit quiz to find all of the options available in your size and style. Are you interested in having straps? Maybe you'd like a brassiere with no straps, a wider band, a smaller band, molded cup padding, halter straps, racerback straps (great for narrow shoulders), or a comfort sling strap for your bra! In between sizes? We haev 2" band extenders to make your back band even more comfortable. Simply attach it to the back of your bra. Each extender has specific hook and eye closures specific for your size. We try our best to accommodate women of all shapes and sizes. Can't find your size? Try a sister size. We are here to help! Our amazing customer care team is willing to chat with you and even review pictures if that makes it easier.

 Again, we are here for you and want to do everything we can to support you on your breastfeeding and pumping journey.

 The latest innovation of ours is the new Undercover Bralette for Breastfeeding and Beyond that you may want to consider adding to your nursing collection. You can hide the nursing clasp during pregnancy or once your breastfeeding journey ends.  This design is great for you, mama, and even better for mother earth from a sustainability perspective.

Prefer our staple classic? Consider our SuperMom Bra! Enjoy our molded cup style for more shape and separation under clothing.

Needing something a little more flexible? Try out our bralette styles which can feel like your favorite sports bra with their buttery soft material and Comfort Sling Strap for extra support. The bralette style works great no matter your bust size. Our small to XL sizes fit everyone, from women with more flat chests to women who have a great amount of breast tissue. The elastic stretch in this style is the best thing! The bralette styles with their alpha sizing allow for fluctuation with the weight of your breasts. The bralettes also have extra room for a wearable pump like the Elvie or Willow. Our patented Comfort Sling Strap is a highly innovative design which assists in pumping support for the weight of the breasts and for those extra full bottles. We offer these straps with many of our designs. All of our t-shirt and bralette styles have strap options to wear over the shoulder straps or racer back straps.

Our Reversible Lounge and Sleep Nursing bra has a thicker strap much like a sports bra with lots of extra comfort.

Who could forget about our well-loved Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra, or Tie-Back Hands-Free Pumping Bra. Our hands free pumping bands come with shoulder straps to help support your breasts and bottles while you are pumping. Don't stop there! We have many additional accessories to help get you into the perfect fit! As our bodies and breasts fluctuate, you may find the need for a band extender if your bra band seems a little snug or a center panel for women who have nipples 7 or more inches apart.

Now, to make sure your bra fits, here are some signs that you have the wrong bra size:

The bra cup is too small. The top of the cup may roll and breast tissue bulges over the top of the cup or under the armpits.

As our bodies adjust, postpartum, our breasts begin to change. Much of the "fullness" we felt in the beginning is now gone. This is mostly water weight we carry shortly after giving birth. Some moms report having sagging boobs or excess skin, not just around the tummy. This is all part of natural breast development and is normal. No matter your body type, there will be changes. It is all a part of the miracle of life.

You may also be asking yourself, "Why does my bra ride up in the back?".

The bra cup is too big and the material may wrinkle. The breast does not fill the cup completely, and flanges do not feel like they give you enough support. You may get that antiperspirant mark on the outside of your cup... that is no fun! Luckily all of our bras are machine washable.

The band size is too small and the bra band is digging into the ribs or under bust with back band clasp issues. The band size may be too large and there is rubbing of material with the pumping panel not staying in place.

If you are on the loosest hook and you still don't feel comfortable, then it is recommended to size up.

On the off chance that you find yourself with a product that is not the perfect fit or wrong bra size, we have a no hassle return policy. We pride ourselves on making comfortable, supportive bras for our moms. We do not use any underwire in our products. Every Simple Wishes article of clothing uses Oeko-Tex® certified fabrics.

If you still are having trouble finding your perfect fit call our customer care team who specializes in interpreting bust size to get you into the correct bra size, in addition to helping you find the perfect bra to fit your lifestyle!

You may find Simple Wishes products on our website, Amazon, or even at your local Target store.

Let's face it! You deserve a new bra, free from underwire, plastic boning or anything else that will cause discomfort that is also the right size for you! This is one main reason we do not include these items in our production. Ever have a bra fit like a glove? Well now you can! The quality of our products is unmatchable! Now go grab your tape measure! We’ve got you mama and you rule!

Note: Improper measurements can affect your milk supply if your garment is too tight or if your previous bra contains underwire. If you are experiencing any breast pain/discomfort, swelling or redness please seek medical advice from your physician or lactation consultant.