Help Us Kickstart our New Sling Bra

Help Us Kickstart our New Sling Bra

Get ready for it, Mamas! We’re starting a bra revolution and we want you to be the first to get in on it. Our team of moms has worked tirelessly to bring the most versatile, discreet and comfortable wire-free maternity, nursing & pumping bra to you. We've reinvented the blah, boring nursing bra to create a bra the modern multi-tasking mom will want to wear! Be one of the first to join in our bra revolution via our new Kickstarter campaign.

No bulky layers and no need to purchase an entire wardrobe of bras to support size fluctuations or different functions (nursing or pumping) since this new bra easily converts to work for mom from maternitythrough nursing/pumping and even beyond breastfeeding. This bra was made for the go-getter mama who demands more from her bra. It's the NEW Simple Wishes Sling Bra!

Production of The Sling Bra is gearing up, but we need your help to launch our Core Collection of colors and new styles. Help us spread the word, get this game-changing bra into the hands of new nursing mothers everywhere and be a part of this revolution!

Take Action:

There are many options and rewards for being part of this Kickstarter campaign. Pledge amounts start as low as $15 and extend to $80 with options to donate a portion of your pledge to Know Your Lemons®, an outstanding organization that supports breast health education and teaches women how to find breast cancer as early as possible. Click here to learn about all of the Kickstarter campaign options and what may work best for you. Here’s an idea of options to get your wheels turning:

  • Pledge $15 or more and receive aKnow Your Lemons magnet and a place on our “Wall of Gratitude” on the Simple Wishes website.$5 of your pledge will be donated in support of the Know Your Lemons Foundation whose mission is to empower women with information to detect signs of breast cancer as early as possible and, if found, provide tools to advocate for their own health. The remaining portion of your $15 donation will be used to bring the new Simple Wishes Sling Bra to life, and bring this revolutionary bra to breastfeeding women to make their lives easier and help them meet their breastfeeding goals. Feel good about supporting breast health education to save lives and help make breastfeeding easier for moms everywhere!
  • Pledge $45 or more and receive two new bras from Simple Wishes – the new Sling Bra and new Sleep/Lounge/Yoga Nursing Bra ($75.00 retail value). The new Sleep/Lounge Bra is made of super soft, luxurious modal fabric, offers easy nursing access and is reversible to offer additional style and color options. Early bird pledges will be given first priority on bra colors.
  • Pledge $75 or more and hit a home run – receivethe new Simple Wishes Sling Bra, the new Sleep Lounge Bra, an “Instant Gratification” gift card and donate to the Know Your Lemons Foundation ($100.00 Retail Value). Early bird pledges will be given first priority on bra colors. The "Instant Gratification" gift card may be used to purchase any current style of Simple Wishes bras while waiting on the Sling Bra and Sleep Lounge Bra production release. Additionally, $5 will be donated in support of the Know Your Lemons Foundation.

Why the Simple Wishes Sling Bra is a game changer and needs to get in the hands of more moms everywhere:

  • A proprietary Simple SlingSystem –The proprietary design of this bra boasts the addition of a Comfort Sling and two Adjustable Cup Slings that collectively enable ultra-supportive hands-free pumping while eliminating bulky layers of fabric and inconvenient, skin-irritating openings that are found in all other nursing and pumping bras.
  • This means the bra has less layers, barriers and parts, and more convenience and ease!
  • The Sling Bra supports the shift between breastfeeding and hands-free pumping without having to change in and out of different bras for each function.
  • Longevity & Sustainability–Once mom and baby have weaned, the Sling Bra can be converted back to a regular wire-free bra by simply switching out the Cup Sling™ Bra Straps that support nursing and hands-free pumping for the Undercover Bra Straps™ (included with each bra).No need for multiple bras!

Did you know, the fashion industry contributes to 10% of global carbon emissions related to the destruction of remnant and overstock textiles? Our limited edition Lemonade Line of Sling Bras uses remnant fabrics sourced from other high-quality/high-volume lingerie brands which would otherwise be disposed of, often by being burned, causing a harmful impact on the environment.  Simple Wishes is working to launch our Core Collection of colors this Fall with a kickstart from you.  

In addition to launching this one-of-a-kind new bra, we’re partnering with Know Your Lemons®, an awesome organization that supports breast health education and teaches women how to find breast cancer as early as possible. Early detection saves lives. Know Your Lemons has changed the way we look at breast health by using lemons to illustrate symptoms, breast anatomy, and what a lump feels like to educate about breast cancer. We think this is genius.

Again, click here to help kickstart this bra, support the Know Your Lemons Foundation and be part of our mom squad. Help us help more mamas!

Thank you in advance for your support!