Burp cloths, something every mom knows she needs but the question is: how many burp cloths do you need? While every new mom has their own ideas, it is helpful to get tips for the best burp cloths and make sure to be stocked up! As a new mom, it is easy to feel unprepared anxiously awaiting the arrival of your newborn. A great way to channel that stress is by creating a baby registry for all of the infant essentials. Some of the easiest items to check off the list are burp cloths and bibs. While you might have recommendations on which brands are best for the baby's face, it's difficult to decide on the optimal quantity of each item.
To help you determine the most ideal number of burp cloths we turned to Gerber for some advice. According to Gerber's mom blog page, "most baby registries feature four to six burp cloths or an average of two packs". However, Gerber recommends to double that number and get as many as 10 to 12 since burp cloths' importance is often overlooked.
Infants can be messy and keeping a cloth handy to wipe up drool or milk is useful. You can store a few burp cloths in your diaper bag and have them on the go to prevent liquid leaks or stains. The soft material is ideal for a newborn baby as opposed to a rough towel used for adults skin. A burp cloth is the best way to keep your newborn clean and dry which is why it is necessary to have an abundance. Not to mention newborn clothes get dirty so quickly with breastmilk or bottles, you would be saving yourself from endless loads of laundry by utilizing cloths.
There is also an opportunity to add some style and get burp cloths or a blanket in various patterns to help disguise some of the spit, baby food, and breast milk spills. Older babies can also benefit from durable cloths for the purpose of washing their face and cleaning up solids in-between a feeding session.
Out of all the popular baby essentials, it appears that burp cloths are the trickiest items to estimate the best quantity to have on hand. Bibs and washcloths are perfectly fine alternatives to help keep baby clean but burp cloths are often bigger and protect mom's clothes from potential spit-up and other fluids.