Top 5 Pregnancy Apps Voted on By our Team of Moms

Top 5 Pregnancy Apps Voted on By our Team of Moms

Pregnancy can be exciting and at times overwhelming, especially for new parents.  The good news is there are a ton of apps out there to help you make sense of all the exciting milestones and prepare you for your new babe. Our team of moms sat down to help you cut through the noise to summarize the top five pregnancy tracker apps we would recommend as best pregnancy apps to use. Each app we recommend contains features such as a calendar for appointments, details on embryology, and a journal to log your mood, food, and water intake. All of these apps offer updates weekly.

Now, here’s where our attorney insists on a disclaimer: pregnancy tracking apps can be helpful and a lot of fun, they are in no way a substitute for professional medical advice. If anything does not feel right to you always consult a doctor. Dialogue with other expectant moms or googling information should never replace the advice of your doctor. Now, with that said, let’s jump to the best free pregnancy apps…

 What to Expect’s Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

This popular app also got its name from an equally popular book. You can track and visualize your baby’s growth week by week by using fruit as stand in images. Hey, you are probably hungry all the time anyway at this point. At least using fruit in context for the size of your baby gives you healthy options to satisfy your pregnancy cravings. Now, when they start using doughnuts or eclairs as size comparisons that could get dangerous.  If fruit isn't your thing, then you can also choose from 80's and 90's memorabilia or props from movies and TV. One feature this app includes is an ovulation tracking to help calculate your potential due date. Think of it as your own personal due date calculator. There is also information about your baby's development: what parts of the body are developing? Do they recognize the sound of your voice? What mom may be feeling and how to cope with those feelings when our hormones are in the driver seat. Some of the app content also has articles to help with almost anything under the sun. Need to relieve stress? Click on that link and be guided through relaxing meditation.  Mental health is just as important as physical health. Learn what exercises are safe for pregnant women, and which to avoid. This app will even walk you through your hospital bag checklist! Lastly, if you love social networking, then this app is for you! This app is available for free on IOS and Android.

WEBMD  Pregnancy

We know, every search on WebMD always seems to lead to an immediate call to your doctor. This app is actually pretty robust with an appointment organizer, symptom tracker, contraction timer and kick counter (my personal favorite feature). It also has an area to save your pregnancy photos if you want to keep them organized there and save space on your phone. Finally, you can subscribe to receive weekly articles targeted to your specific stage of pregnancy, and questions for you and your partner to ask your doctor at each appointment. With the WebMD pregnancy app, find information regarding healthy weight gain, medication and food safety, and expert medical advice for a healthy pregnancy.  They also offer in depth 3D renderings of your baby's size, your womb, and where your organs are now that your baby has taken up much more room. Everything you could ever want, right at your fingertips. The downside of this app is that it does not have any social network component.  You may have to choose another way to connect with people on parenthood. This app is available or free on IOS.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker App

Want to protect your privacy while asking questions in a community forum? This is the app for you. Retain your anonymity while getting feedback from other parents in the community section. Now you can safely ask those burning questions about the weird bumps that are appearing on your nipples and if your lady parts are supposed to look like that!?! In addition, log your pre-natal vitamin intake, and pregnancy symptoms while tracking your baby’s growth. If you prefer to visualize your baby compared to baked goods in your womb rather than fruit, you can update the growth setting to view a scale of delicious simple carbs. This pregnancy app even allows you to track your relationship with your partner! If you like comprehensive data collection to help show your progress, this app is for you! Free on IOS and Android.

 The Bump

 Already feeling a little overwhelmed by options? The Bump's refreshingly, bright interface is engaging enough to break through the pregnancy brain. Track your baby’s development and growth, access resources like recipes and informative articles to help instill confidence in your ability to manage your way through each stage of pregnancy.  Need help remembering your appointments? This app helps keep you on track by syncing your calendar so you never miss those doctors appointments, and keep those checklists accessible.  Most apps have images of the baby's body, but this one also has 3D images of changes happening to your body, not just your belly. The in app coupons are a great way to save money.  Purchase those essentials for your little peanut, or share with the people around you to save them time and money when purchasing things from your registry! Available for free through IOS or Android.


 If you don’t like social forums and hate ad popups, this simple app is the app for you. It’s not pretty, but if you need the basics to track what’s happening week by week, along with calendar features for your baby’s growth, the 4.9 rating is pretty compelling. Another feature that might send you running this way is their partner focused approach. This app has a partner feature.  However, it is less informative with weekly updates than many apps out there.  PREGLIFE has a baby segment where you can add your baby's date of birth and it will follow you through the first two years of your child's life.  This is amazing to track development. No need to call your doctor at all hours asking, "Is this normal?" Put your mind at ease, we all know the first few years are some of the hardest. This is probably the most simple pregnancy tracker app today. Available for free on IOS and Android.

None of these above apps have in app purchases. They are all geared towards family, safety, and how to prepare for when it's time to go to the hospital, or bathtub...wherever you are choosing to bring your babe into the world.  These moments are the beginning of a beautiful relationship that will last a lifetime. So, whatever tracker works best for you, just upload, punch in your baby's due date and let the app guide you. You can also easily make updates to your due date as your pregnancy advances. As always, contact your doctor, OB-GYN or medical professional for any expert advice you may need. 

Hope you have found this helpful! 

xx the Simple Wishes Mom Team xx