Marsupials and Mamas (dads too)

Marsupials and Mamas (dads too)

Skin-to-skin contact, also known as kangaroo care, is a practice that involves holding your newborn baby against your bare chest. This practice has many benefits for both you and your baby and is recommended by healthcare providers around the world.

When you hold your baby skin-to-skin, you create a warm, comfortable environment that promotes bonding and helps regulate your baby's body temperature, breathing, and heart rate. The close contact between you and your baby also helps release hormones that reduce stress and promote relaxation, making it a wonderful way to soothe a fussy or upset baby.

Skin-to-skin contact is especially important in the first few hours and days after your baby is born. Research has shown that babies who receive skin-to-skin contact in the first hours of life have better breastfeeding outcomes, higher blood sugar levels, and are less likely to develop infections or experience other health problems.

All of our SuperMom & Undercover bra, tank and night dress styles are optimized for full drop cup access to the breast to promote skin-to-skin contact. Many nursing bra styles cover the breast to only allow access to the nipple through a small opening. You'll notice, in our styles, when you drop the cup there is a small strap on the side that holds your bra strap on while exposing your full breast. 

Skin-to-skin contact is also beneficial for premature babies or babies who are born with health problems. Studies have shown that premature babies who receive skin-to-skin care have lower rates of breathing problems, lower levels of stress hormones, and are more likely to breastfeed successfully.

To practice skin-to-skin contact, simply place your baby on your bare chest, with a blanket draped over both of you for warmth. You can do this at any time, but it's especially beneficial during the first few hours and days after birth, and during feeding times.

In conclusion, skin-to-skin contact is a wonderful way to bond with your baby, regulate their body temperature, promote relaxation, and enhance breastfeeding outcomes. It's a simple, safe, and effective practice that you can incorporate into your daily routine with your newborn.