Why Patents Matter

Why Patents Matter

Let's talk patents. My sister and I own 16 of them and that's a big deal for you, and for the world of bras. (We truly are making bra history!)

The "big deal" with SW patents is they are utility patents, not design patents. Design patents protect the way things look. (Think: Burberry Plaid.)

Utility patents protect the way something works. (Think: iPhone.)

We were able to get utility patents because Simple Wishes bras work differently.

Our mission is to create products that work and last. There are a ton of pumping bra choices out there that might hold the pump parts securely, at the beginning of your pump session, but don't do a darn thing for you at the end, when bottles are heavier. Totally defeating the purpose of a hands-free bra!

Worse, if they do support from start to finish, they create too much compression and targeted pressure on your milk ducts that could lead to clogs and mastitis.

Two unique elements of our patented designs are:

The SimpleClasp™, our 3 part nursing clasp found in all our SuperMom designs, gives you easier access to breastfeed.  No fussing around with undoing multiple clasps on different layers of the bra or pulling aside layers of the bra only to have them block skin-to-skin contact between you and your babe.

The Comfort Sling accessory (padded halter strap), that is included with all our SuperMom styles, gives that little extra insurance to maintain support of your bottles through your entire pumping session. In our Undercover styles, this accessory is sold separately and intended for the purpose of extending the cup when using in bra wearable breast pumps such as the Elvie or Willow.

Whether you are part of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee or the Double DD Club, Simple Wishes is solving anatomical and engineering problems to support ideal performance of your breast pump while balancing your optimal breast health. 


Everyday when I read reviews from women like you, talking about what a difference our bras have made in your life, it makes me stand a little taller...

We launched two new bras already this year - the SuperMom Breeze Bralette and the Undercover T-Shirt Bra. The Breeze is our most breathable design with mesh insets, featuring our nursing + pumping design with Comfort Sling Accessory to secure your pump, regardless of how full your bottles get. The Undercover can be converted (you can hide the nursing clasp) for sustainable wear during pregnancy and beyond breastfeeding as a "normal" looking bra. Best for your budget and for mother earth. Both these new styles offer a unique value proposition for your bra collection. Our goal is not to create a bunch of mediocre products that will end up sitting in your drawer untouched. Instead, we want to solve real problems for you.

We appreciate your support. You may not know it but your reviews make a difference in our development process. Thank you to those of you who have formally participated in our test wears by taking our surveys, and reading our emails about product design. Your word of mouth recommendations to friends and family means a lot to us.

For those of you who are engineers, tinkerers, DIYers, and craftspeople, keep up the good work! We believe that there are more solutions than problems, and we encourage you to keep innovating. Who knows, maybe you'll be the one to come up with the next great idea.