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💚 OEKO-TEX® Certified safe for mom and baby

SuperMom™ Fixed Padding Nursing And Pumping T-Shirt Bra | Black

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Color – Black
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    Winner of Good Housekeeping 2023 Best Parenting Award!

    A lot has changed for you but your favorite T-shirt bra doesn’t have to. It just needs to do more. So what makes this style, in basic black, so great?

    Featuring our patented dual-function SimpleClasp™. Undo one clasp to breastfeed or to pump hands-free. No need to undo multiple clasps to get skin-to-skin with your baby.  Pssst, you can also nurse + pump in tandem too.

    Pump Support & Breast Health: Our unique design equally balances the health of your breast with the support of your pump. Our pump support liner secures your pump without placing too much harmful compression, which is a leading cause of clogged ducts, on your breast tissue. As bottles get heavier and breasts empty, attach the patented Comfort Sling Halter Strap to maintain suction through your entire pumping session.

    Other Important Details:

    • Fixed Padding for great shape, separation, coverage, and smooth profile.
    • Wire-free
    • Easy access for pumping with drop-down outer layer.
    • Convertible bra straps for tank & x-back wear under a variety of tops.
    • Front adjust on straps for comfort as breast size fluctuates.
    • Buttery Soft & Silky Nylon Spandex fabric is Oeko-Tex certified to be free from harmful toxins.
    • Machine Washable.
    • Hang Dry. This is what we recommend so your bra can live long and prosper but we’ll leave the decision to hang or machine dry up to you. Even better, if it’s your partner doing the wash, so you don’t need to think about it.
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    SuperMom™ Fixed Padding Nursing And Pumping T-Shirt Bra | Black 30 / B Simple Wishes
    SuperMom™ Fixed Padding Nursing And Pumping T-Shirt Bra | Black 32 / F/DDD Simple Wishes
    SuperMom™ Fixed Padding Nursing And Pumping T-Shirt Bra | Black Simple Wishes
    SuperMom™ Fixed Padding Nursing And Pumping T-Shirt Bra | Black Simple Wishes
    SuperMom™ Fixed Padding Nursing And Pumping T-Shirt Bra | Black Simple Wishes
    Simple Wishes Supermom nursing and pumping t-shirt bra video 360 degrees SuperMom™ Fixed Padding Nursing And Pumping T-Shirt Bra | Black

    SuperMom™ - Fixed Padding Nursing And Pumping T-Shirt Bra

    Experience the revolutionary convenience of the SuperMom™ Fixed Padding Nursing And Pumping T-Shirt Bra. Featuring our patented dual-function SimpleClasp™, undo just one clasp to breastfeed or pump hands-free without the hassle of multiple closures. The unique design provides support for both breast and pump health, avoiding harmful compression and incorporating the patented Comfort Sling Halter Strap to maintain suction throughout pumping. Important details include fixed padding for optimal shape, separation, and coverage, wire-free comfort, easy access for pumping with a removable outer layer, convertible bra straps, and front adjustability for comfort as breast size fluctuates. The soft Nylon Spandex fabric, Oeko-Tex certified, is machine washable, but we recommend hang drying to extend the bra's lifespan.

    Styled by Moms, Loved by Moms

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    • Oeko-Tex Fabric - No Harmful Substances


    Product Care

    Machine wash all garments on the delicate cycle on cold with like colors. Tumble dry low or hang dry. As with most garments, hang drying will ensure the longest possible life.

    Safe for You & Baby

    All fabrics used in our garments are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. This means you can be assured there are no harmful substances that can be easily absorbed by your skin, or your baby’s skin. Wear with confidence that you are keeping yourself and your baby safe as you hold them close.

    Who is Simple Wishes?

    We are a certified women-owned business, founded by two sisters, and moms, over a decade ago to grant their own simple wish to make the experience of using a breast pump hands-free and easier.

    We own 15 patents on designs that have won awards from third party, trusted parent resources such as Parent Tested Parent Approved, Mom's Choice Awards, Twinnie and Baby Maternity Magazine, Good Housekeeping and more...


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 262 reviews
    Rebecca P.
    Great Pumping Bra

    As an exclusive pumper, I spent a lot of time searching for the best hybrid pumping/nursing bra. Out of most of the hybrid bra available, Simple Wishes has been the best brand for me. I only had the Simple Wishes pumping bralette with my first child. I did enjoy that one, but with this second pumping journey, I bought the fixed padding t shirt bras and I prefer them. I love the pumping section as it is a buttery material that doesn’t irritate me after a pump. The sections for the flanges overlap, firmly keep my flanges in place, and support the bottles when I have a bigger pump (4-6oz). Outside of the pumping section, the bra itself provides great support when I’m at my fullest. I enjoy that it feels like and looks like a non pumping bra. The t shirt bra is wireless, although it looks like it has a wired section supporting the cups. This wireless section surrounding the cup, folds over on the sides for me. You cannot see this fold through a shirt and I do not notice it while wearing the bra. I didn’t have this with the pumping bralette; so, I am unsure if it is just me/my build or part of the design. I did buy two bras, and I have the same side folding with both t shirt bras. I would 100% buy these bras again.

    For reference, I bought a 34DD and am a 34DDD at my fullest. I do use the Simple Wishes bra extender that came with my black one and an Amazon bra extender for the sun kissed one.
    I have the pumping support band, but have not used it yet.

    Just what I’ve been looking for- perfection!

    Nursing/ pumping mamas- I have struggled to find the perfect FIXED PADDING, pumping, AND nursing bra since my baby was born. I had to pick between padded pumping bra and being a pain to nurse in or padded nursing with no pumping feature, or not padded at all - that is, until I found this company- Simple Wishes! They have the double clasp so the outer layer is FIXED padding (that’s right no fishing pads out of the washer and wondering how in the world you’re going to shove it through that little hole and ever get it to sit right again), the next layer has the pumping slit, and then that unclasps for easy nursing underneath. Seriously the best invention. Plus I love that they are a small business ran by two moms for moms.


    Okay so I’m picky. But these are AMAZING. My regret was not ordering more so now goes to second order lol

    They’re soft, like buttery, have the double layer and I can keep my nipples out of sight. Super comfortable but also produces the support and shaping I needed. 10/10

    Love this bra - bought 3!

    Because of a rough start, I was an exclusive pumper and so I used this bra a LOT. It is so soft, and just got softer after washing. To be honest, it’s not the most discreet - so if you are wearing it with a skin tight shirt, you’ll notice. But being a new mom, I only wear loose fitting and comfy clothes, so I never minded. The other thing to know is that this bra probably runs small. I am a small chested person normally (34B and 5’3” 118 lbs before birth) and I comfortably fit into a Large. At first when it comes out of the wash it fits a bit tight, but by the 15th use, it is a little more floppy. I just adjust the clasp over time, as well as the straps. It’s not too big of a deal! I literally bought three because I absolutely love this bra, and I am not ashamed to say I teared up when I saw the inscription written inside: “Your worth is not measured in ounces” Can’t tell you how many times I needed to hear that - and it was nice to feel “supported” in more ways than one :) Pumping can be such a hard road, so I was thankful to have a bra that really worked for me. Would recommend!

    Must have skipped the quality

    Must have skipped the quality control step— I tried it on and wondered why it seemed to fit so unevenly—- on closer inspection, seams were different lengths, underwire on one side was a full inch longer than the other explaining why the cup gaped awkwardly, the clips were bulky and hard to fasten — stick with legitimate brands, looks like someone’s home sewing project

    Hi Sara, Thanks for taking the time to write a review. This is Joy, I'm the owner of Simple Wishes. We do have a very rigorous quality control process with multiple inspection points at our factory and then inspection again at our warehouse. What you are describing is not an example of our quality. I've asked my customer care team to immediately reach out to you to send you a prepaid shipping label and extend a full refund or an offer to exchange. We will take care of you right away.