SuperMom™ Fixed Padding Nursing And Pumping T-Shirt Bra | Sunkissed Rose

SuperMom™ Fixed Padding Nursing And Pumping T-Shirt Bra | Sunkissed Rose

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SuperMom™ Fixed Padding Nursing And Pumping T-Shirt Bra | Sunkissed Rose

SuperMom™ Fixed Padding Nursing And Pumping T-Shirt Bra | Sunkissed Rose

Regular price $45.00 USD
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A lot has changed for you but your favorite T-shirt bra doesn’t have to. It just needs to do more. So what makes this style so great?  Although the fact it's a Nursing + Pumping bra, for all-day, wire-free wear, is pretty fantastic, there's more...

The two key differences are, Modesty and Support 

Modesty - Imagine you’re holding your hungry, screaming baby in an airport surrounded by strangers. With our dual-function SimpleClasp™, you undo one clasp to drop your cup and quickly get your baby to your breast. Once the baby is done hook the clasp back up. Easy.

Now, imagine having to undo and redo two clasps on each breast. Ok. Undoing, not so hard. It's closing up the cup of your bra that’s tough. Trying to discreetly figure out which clasp goes where without having to pull up your shirt entirely to look is almost impossible. With other bras, that is your reality. Listen, we all have different levels of modesty. While some of us may be entirely ok with Pete the Perv seeing our boobs from across the room (no judgment), many of us may not be as comfortable with that level of exposure :-) Make it easy on yourself. Having a newborn is tough enough. Your bra should make it easier.

One clasp to nurse. One clasp to pump. You can even pump & nurse in tandem. Yay for multitasking!

Now let’s talk about nipples. Padding. You need it. We have it. You are not Samantha from Sex in the City (am I revealing my age?). Freshly breastfed or pumped nipples are big. They are visible. You need padding and, in this style, the padding is fixed in the cup. That means it won't move around or get crumpled up in your bra cup while breastfeeding or in the wash.

Support for your boobs - DYK, 80% of your breast support comes from your band? A properly fitting band fights gravity (aka boob droop) that your milk makers desperately need! Our bras, when fit properly, should have a snug, but not painfully tight, band.   Most cheap nursing bras are made as a seamless tube that, if you tried, could likely stretch up to 2 times the length. That amount of stretch is not supportive. Embrace a band that has a snug fit. Pssst, all our styles come with a 2” band extender if your body is still in a state of change. Hint, breaking out that tape measure to double-check your size is always a smart thing to do.

Support for your pump - Our patented internal pump support liner works just as well as any other combo bra. Ok, why didn’t I say it’s the best and most supportive.....well, it actually is with our patented Comfort Sling accessory. The reason all-day wear pumping bras lose support, as bottles get heavier, is lack of compression. As your breasts empty of milk they get smaller and the fabric of your bra cup becomes loose. You should not wear a bra all day that is so tight in the cup it can maintain the suction and weight of a full bottle of milk. That’s a recipe for clogged ducts. We've engineered an accessory that we call our Comfort Sling that is included with your bra. Comfort Sling is just our marketing name for a halter strap you can attach to each cup of your bra to help give a little extra support to full bottles. Yay for those of you who get more than 2-3 ounces!

Other Important Details:

Fixed Padding.

Underwire free cups.

Convertible bra straps for tank & x-back wear under a variety of tops.

Front adjust on straps for comfort as breast size fluctuates.

Silky Nylon Spandex fabric is Oeko-Tex certified to be free from harmful toxins.

Machine Washable.

Hang Dry. This is what we recommend so your bra can live long and prosper but we’ll leave the decision to hang or machine dry up to you. Even better, if it’s your partner doing the wash so you don’t need to think about it.

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Machine wash all garments on the delicate cycle on cold with like colors. Tumble dry low or hang dry. As with most garments, hang drying will ensure the longest possible life.

Safe for You & Baby:

All fabrics used in our garments are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. This means you can be assured there are no chemicals that can be easily absorbed by your skin, or your baby’s skin. Wear with confidence that you are keeping yourself and your baby safe as you hold them close.

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