Bra Video Tutorials


This collection of videos will guide you through how to use our SuperMom & Undercover Bra styles. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer care team via chat below.

SuperMom Bra™

The SuperMom bra is for the mom who needs a nursing bra and a pumping bra in one for all day wear, or in the case of the bralette, 24/7 wear. This video shows you how to use the patented dual function clasp for easy "one clasp" access to breastfeed or to pump. It will also show how to use the Comfort Sling accessory for hands-free, compression free support from start to finish in every pumping session.


Undercover Bra™ - Breastfeeding & Beyond

The Undercover style is a nursing bra that can be converted to a regular bra (you can hide the nursing clasp) for wear during pregnancy or beyond breastfeeding. This video will show you how to convert the bra for use as a nursing bra and for wear as a normal wire free T-Shirt or Bralette.