The Sling Bra Quick Start Guide

Thank you for your purchase of the Sling Bra; our latest, step forward in our pursuit of the perfect bra for nursing, pumping and everyday wear!  The videos below will guide you through how to use the Simple Sling™ System for optimal pump support.

There are also videos showing you how to switch out the Cup Sling Bra Straps (with the nursing clasp) for the Undercover Bra Straps (without the nursing clasp). This feature will give longer life to your bra for extended wear once your breastfeeding journey ends.  

NOTE: These videos do not apply to our SuperMom Styles. If your bra has two stacked nursing clasps and an internal pump support liner, as a 2nd layer of the bra, that is the Supermom. Your instructions are found here.

The Simple Sling Pump Support System consists of:

  • One (1) pair of Cup Sling Bra Straps. These are located inside your bra cup and hold your bra strap on when you take the cup down to nurse. You can remove these bra straps entirely from the bra.
  • One (1) Comfort Sling. Notice this has a plastic clasp connector on both ends. The clasp has a male (post) and female (tab) side. The male end connects to it's female mate stitched to the cup of your bra. This is the same function when you attach your bra cup to the bra strap. Male part connects to female part.

The Cup Sling Bra Straps and Comfort Sling are adjustable in length. Notice the pink colored sliders on the slings inside the cup? They function just like adjusting the length of a bra strap. Slide them up or down to lengthen/shorten. The ability to adjust the length is key to getting proper placement of your pump on your breasts. You may need to spend a few minutes the first time you pump getting the adjustment right for your body but after that it will become second nature. If after lengthening fully you are still struggling we have longer cup sling bra straps available at no charge.

Quick Fit Tips

Question: I am having trouble getting my pump shields to center on my breasts or they are sitting too high and milk is splashing back on me.

Answer: Our bodies are all shaped differently and a longer pair of Cup Sling Bra Straps should resolve both of these issues. Reach out to our customer care team and we will send you a longer pair at no charge.

Regardless of what pumping bra you use, we highly recommend looking into Pumpin Pal Angled Super Shields. These are AMAZING. Try using the code MILK for a 10% discount. These shields, unlike traditional ones that come with your pump, allow you to lean back and pump in a more comfortable position due to the angled design. The straight angle on the shields/flanges that came with your pump mean for most women, even if you are not using a pumping bra, you must lean forward for milk to flow down into the bottles.