Meet our line-up of underwire-free maternity bras

Simple Sling™

Nurse and pump hands-free without having to grab another bra! Think of it as your favorite T-shirt bra infused with some serious mom utilitarian power. One-hand clasps provide easy breastfeeding access while our Simple Sling offers unrivaled support for hands-free pumping. Breast pump breast shields and flanges are easy to insert into the Simple Sling design. Soft cup fabric ensures the nipple area stays comfortable, making it a good fit for moms with sensitivity concerns.When your breastfeeding journey comes to a close, convert the bra to a regular bra via undercover bra straps (sold separately).

Hands Free Pumping Bra

Get to know the pumping bra that started it all! Adjustable straps and no underwire allow for busy moms to comfortably multitask (yay for hands!) while confidently crossing pumping off the to-do list. Stretchy fabric made from Velcro and spandex accommodate changes in size so mom is always rocking her best fit. Effortlessly glide through a pump session by easily inserting each pump flange and affiliated pump parts into the bra for smooth, well supported milk flow.

The SuperMom Bra

A Simple Wishes fan favorite used for both pumping and nursing. The ideal maternity bra for moms who prioritize maximum breast coverage alongside a comfortable fit. Welcome size fluctuations with open arms thanks to six rows of hook and eye closures on back, allowing for an additional two inches of band size around the rib cage.

Reversible Sleep Lounge Nursing Bra

A nursing bra must-have for moms seeking ultimate comfort with a splash of style. Moisture wicking Modal, spandex, and power mesh provide flexible breast support ideal for fluctuations in size. Easy pull nursing access makes it a lifesaver for those half-awake early morning and late night feedings. Features a reversible design with no irritating seams. A great comfort bra and sleep bra to add to your collection!

Find the perfect fit for your Simple Wishes pumping and nursing bra

While online bra shopping often gets a bad rap, we’re here to ensure your experience is the farthest thing from a bummer. Leave concerns about cup size and band size in the rearview by taking our fit quiz today!

Don’t have measuring tape? Not to worry, we’d be more than happy to mail you one so you can find your best fit!

Featured Product

SuperMom Keyhole Bralette

Every superhero has their trademark outfit. Regardless of what you put on top, start strong with a bra design that puts in just as much work as you do, Mom! Whether nursing or pumping, a dual-purpose clasp does it all by providing convenient access to your liquid gold suppliers. Simply undo the top portion of the clasp for easy access while breastfeeding. Reveal a hidden inner pumping layer that offers generous coverage by opening the lower portion of the clasp. Attach the included Comfort Sling to each cup of the bralette to maintain suction and optimal performance of your pump as bottles fill with breast milk. Alpha sizing and an active inspired rib band with adjustable hook-and-eye closures make for a bralette mindful of changing body and breast size so you always have the right fit. A chic, feminine keyhole design made from soft modal fabric is sure to keep you looking and feeling your best all day long. Compatible with all major electric breast pump brands including Medela, Spectra, Ameda, Lansinoh and more!

"Great Bra!"

A pump bra that also serves as a regular bra?! A smooth bra that you can feel confident going out in! No more pump bras with holes that are impossible to hide under a shirt. I opened the box to try out my new bra and it was a little overwhelming, there were a lot of straps BUT it was well worth figuring out because this bra is awesome! Joy personally reached out to me and thanked me for recommending this to a friend, I recommend it to you as well!

-Jenn B

"Third time working/breastfeeding mama, finally found the perfect bra!"

This is the perfect bra for the working/breastfeeding mama!!

-Meghan F

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